loose accents

season 2 ep 3 - breaking silence with angy rivera

November 18, 2019

fall is here and that means cold weather (well not in LA). so break out the bubble coats, boots, long socks, gloves and scarves cause you'll want to snuggle up on this very special episode with our New York fave angy rivera. if you are in LA, bring out that chapstick and apply a few extra layers cause it's hella dry out here.  and while you'are at it, take out your journal and tissue box cause this conversation is sure to tug at all of your emotions. angy joins us to share the wisdom in the stories of her upbringing, work as co-executive director of nysylc, her infamous "ask angy" blog, the subjects of the peabody award winning documentary "no le digas a nadie", her adventures in LA and the future of DACA. I'm not crying, you're crying! ... well the truth is that we'll all be crying at the end of this episode.


**trigger warning**

our conversations cover issues of sexual assault, domestic violence and family separation. please take care of yourself if you feel triggered at all by any part of our discussion. your mental and physical health come first. 

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