loose accents

season 2 ep 5 - 2019, boy bye!

December 31, 2019

felices fiestas beybiisss! this is long one because you all know 2019 tried us all! this year was triggering, transformative and a whole ass mess. but not all was traumatic. we also had many diamonds along the way, like the start of this podcast, the launch of new projects and start of new relationships. and since it's the end of a decade, we cast back to 2009 to revisit our younger selves as teens, well at least for danyeli. please don't come for us and our music choices, taylor swift and lady gaga have a special place in our hearts. we also set sights on 2020 and the new adventures that await. 2020 will be year of action. 

we also discuss the release of periódicos de ayer, danyeli's new book and get the exclusive first listen to "sin embargo" a beautiful song written by leonel salgado (undocubae's 18-year old nephew). catch our palabras del dia featuring our beloved toni morrison and two of our listeners (raquel and gabriela) who left us touching messages and reviews.

to order danyeli's book, please visit her website 

to listen to leonel's original song "sin embargo" visit his page 

 catch us in 2020 porque venimos con todo!

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